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Halogen Line Heater CFH (Carbon Fiber Heaters)

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The Carbon Fiber Heater CFH is a high efficiency, long service life carbon heater with a heater wavelength of 2.6µm using plant-based carbon fiber.

  • Plant-based carbon fiber far-infrared heating element!
  • Environmentally friendly heating element of the 21st century!


  • High-efficiency, long-life heater using vegetable carbon fiber with a wavelength of 2.6μ.
  • Provides the same heating effect as nichrome heating elements with half of the power.
  • The 2 to 4 micron wavelength of the infrared irradiation spectrum, which acts as a moisture absorption band, is four times larger than nichrome heating elements.
  • Provides higher efficiency for heating subjects containing moisture in comparison to nichrome and halogen heating elements.
  • Consumes half of the energy of conventional heat sources (nichrome wires, halogen lamps, etc.)
  • Low cost, long life.

Product Photos

Product Photos